Rare Millésime 1976


70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir

The drought devastating France gave birth to an unparalleled vintage. Rare Millésime 1976 is unequalled for its intense yet serene nuances. Its legendary freshness is still surprising and will continue to amaze for a long time. An intense amber-coloured nectar with very discreet effervescence, it is intense on the nose with extraordinary and expressive notes of Asian fruit in syrup (lychee, arbutus), apple, and caramel blossom. On the palate, its incredible purity expresses Calisson d’Aix candies (honey, almonds) and the underwood. The finishing woody aromas of boletus deliver a feeling of serenity. Enhanced by notes of licorice and tropical candied fruits, this collector’s vintage still has many surprises to unveil