Rare Millésime 1988


70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir

Following an intense year, Rare Millésime 1988 is a generous and heady wine. The weather was uneven and weeks of record heat vied with very cool temperatures, unveiling a mature and opulent vintage. Its “coziness” demands that the wine be savored like a great cognac. Given its enticing, welcoming sophistication, it offers incredible ageing potential. In the bright, deep gold hues, vivid yet discreet bubbles weave an attractive effervescence.

An initial plump scent of plants, dried fern and humus, is followed by a sensuous truffle fragrance and the floral overtones of figs and dates. The core is characterized by warm notes of ripe grains, refreshed by verbena. The velvety texture of cocoa beans gives way to more powerful notes of dried fruit, hazelnuts and dried currants. The aromas of plants and herbs, peppered with hints of eucalyptus, is combined with the delicious scents of sandalwood and incense. The final harmonies of tobacco, truffle and “old library” unfurl in an extraordinary freshness and aristocratic roundness, even 30 years after bottling. Drink until 2030.